Manual Fluid Extractor

95.00 + Vat

9 litre Capacity


This manual fluid extractor pump is great for extracting non-explosive liquids. It will easily remove oil from vehicles, lawnmowers, motorbikes, and hydraulic reservoirs. 

Useful For Many Applications

Need to extract gear oil for transmission cases or engine oil from crankcases? Or maybe you’d like to extract power steering fluid, coolant fluid cooling systems, or brake fluid from hydraulic brake systems? 

This manual oil pump extractor will come in very handy for all these applications.

What comes with it?

It’s supplied with 3 suction probes – an extracting tube, main suction tube, and brake tube with rubber fitting. It also comes with 6mm and 11mm suction tubes.

9 Litre Capacity & Portable

This manual fluid extractor has a 9 litre capacity, so you’ll be able to extract plenty of fluid before emptying it. It weighs 5kg.

It’s also lightweight and portable so you can take it wherever you need it.

Do not use this hand pump oil extractor to store or siphon petroleum. It’s also not to be used with gasoline or other highly flammable liquids.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

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