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Jugs & Funnels

Our range of jugs and funnels are ideal for managing oil and other liquids safely. Check out our oil safety jugs with automatic air intake shut-off and a lockable spout. These 5 litre jugs also have a heavy duty screw-on lid. This allows you to cleanly transfer all types of oil. We also have jugs with a flexible spout. They’re conveniently marked in quarts and litres so you can measure the exact amount of oil needed. We also stock heavy duty construction funnels. The PIUSI funnel has a rim that’s curved in, making it anti-splash and spill proof. It also has a flexible spout, dust cover, and wire mesh screen. Or check out our heavy duty rectangle funnel with an integrated wire mesh filter. It’s made from polypropylene, making it durable enough to withstand regular, professional use. Our range also includes a funnel set suitable for diesel, oil, and most other fuels.