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Nozzles & Meters

Our nozzles are perfect for dispensing oil and our meters are excellent for monitoring oil output. Our dispensing nozzles include models with a digital display and a preset function, which lets you pre-select the quantity you want to dispense. As soon as the quantity is reached, the valve will close automatically. You can also check out our anti-drip models which are great for avoiding spills. As for flow meters, why not go for the PIUSI K33 oil meter? It’s easy to install on rigid or flexible pipes and it can also be installed directly on tanks or pumps. We also have the PIUSI K400 digital in-line model with a 5 digit LCD display. Or choose the PIUSI K500 preset meter which has a sealed battery compartment to protect the batteries. We also have a PIUSI drip tray that can be mounted on a wall or storage tank. This allows you to avoid spills while transferring fuels from nozzles. The tray is removable so you can easily dispose of the unwanted oil.