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Whatever your needs, you will find the right solution right here at RotechShop.ie. From fuel pumps to grease guns to spill kits, we stock everything you could possibly need to store, dispense and contain fluid.

Are you looking to upgrade an entire fuel management system? We offer added convenience by being the only supplier you will need to carry out the task at hand. Now you can find everything from fuel filters and fuel hoses to the most powerful electric fuel pump in a single place. Of course, we’re here for you if all you need is a single oil pump or replacement oil tank gauge for your small farm, or just the best diesel fuel additive for winter for your car.

Optimise facilities with high-end fluid handling solutions

From oil sprayers to spill kits, our equipment is carefully selected to help you maximize the efficiency of your facilities, thus reducing the cost of your operations.

Optimise anything from a single greenhouse to an entire farm. As a longstanding farm equipment supplier, we are dedicated to offering the best solutions for streamlining agricultural operations. Whether you are looking for reliable oil dispensers or a powerful PTO hydraulic pump, you will find all the best and most cost-efficient equipment right here.

Achieve greater efficiency no matter what you do, from reducing spillage to properly monitoring fuel consumption. RotechShop.ie makes it possible for you to get a reliable fuel pump meter and one of the most efficient oil spill kits in Ireland, all in one place.

Improve transport logistics with the latest in diesel equipment

A good diesel pump will get the job done, but the Cube 56 diesel pump will be significantly more efficient. From Piusi to AdBlue, diesel filters to refuelling systems, we offer everything you could ever need to optimize your transport solutions.

To get the most out of your fuel, browse our AdBlue line of fuel additives. There you will find not just the very best diesel bug treatment, but plenty of solutions for maximizing fuel efficiency in general.

Streamline refuelling operations with your choice of diesel equipment. Whether you are looking for an AdBlue pump or a Piusi diesel pump, we will help you find exactly what you want. Of course, to optimise your system in general, you could also need a quality fuel filter or a reliable oil tank monitor. That is why here at Rotech you can browse not just the best diesel pumps for sale but replacement parts and accessories as well.

Achieve greater fuel efficiency with the best fuel additives

Whether you own a home or a transport business, we have all you could possibly need to get the most out of your fuel and thus minimize your living or operating costs.

To reduce fuel costs in vehicles, browse our selection of diesel additives. The right diesel fuel additive improves both the quality of the fuel and the performance of the vehicle.

Using oil additives in your home can significantly improve the performance of your heating and cooking appliances as well. To find the best fuel additives for your radiators or your cooker, simply browse the selection here at RotechShop.ie.

Upgrade your space with our workshop equipment

Your work space is just as important as the tools you work with. Make it easier for yourself with our clever solutions, ranging from workshop trolleys to waste oil collectors.

Do you have lots of tools you would like to be able to move around? A single heavy duty workshop trolley can not only serve as an organising solution, but save time and effort better spent focusing on the actual project.

For keeping your equipment working like brand new, simply choose a quality grease gun. Our selection includes the best air grease guns for sale, making prolonging the life of your tools completely hassle free.

If you like your workshop clean but often work with fuel, investing in an oil spill kit might be your ideal choice. Combine it with one of our tool trolleys and your work space will always be in tip-top shape.



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