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Spill Pallet 2 Barrel

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Spill pallet 2 barrel

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2 Barrel Spill Pallet

This spill containment pallet is designed to store two 205L barrels or a number of smaller 20L drums. It provides a convenient and safe storage area for barrels and drums to catch any drips, leaks or spillages. Manufactured from plastic, it is compatible with a wide range of liquids such as oil, fuel, AdBlue & chemicals.

  • Manufactured from 95% recycled plastic
  • Safe storage for 2 barrels or smaller containers
  • Removable grid deck – easy sump access
  • Strong and durable 
  • UV stabilised and chemical resistant
  • Ideal as a ‘quarantine’ point for damaged drum

What is a Spill Pallet?

A spill pallet is a specifically designed container used under barrels and drums as a drip tray to catch and leaks, drips or protentional spillages from barrels, drums or handling equipment. By containing these drums and barrels in one area, it provides a safe and clean storage solution for any workshop, garage or area which is used for storing drums and barrels.


These spill pallets are suitable for use with various liquids such as oil, diesel, AdBlue, chemicals, sprays and detergents. The plastic construction ensures a high chemical resistance which ensures a long lasting life. 

Oil storage regulations & safety 

To reduce the risk of pollution and environmental impact from any spillages, containers should be stored in a safe and designated area. This spill pallet will help reduce the overall impact of a spillage by containing the bulk of the liquid within the sump. This also provides the upmost safety to those around the area, keeping the work space clean and free from spillages

What is it made from?

These spill pallets designed for 2 barrels are made from 95% fully UV resistant recycled material, which helps reduce the overall carbon footprint in production.

This spill pallet is also available in a 4 barrel option. Next day nationwide delivery if ordered before 3PM


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