Oil Drum Equipment

Our oil drum equipment will make it much easier to transport and dispense oil. It will save you time and reduce the risk of accidents. Our great range includes a heavy duty 4 wheel barrel trolley for moving barrels. It’s suitable for 205L barrels and it can hold a maximum weight of 220kg. It even comes with a hose reel mounting plate. Our oil drum dolly is also great for moving 205L drums. It has a powder coated finish and heavy duty castor wheels. We also have drum lifting clamps, which are designed to lift 205L barrels and can lift a maximum capacity of 500kg. We have both vertical and horizontal models to choose from. Or check out our bung wrench which is great for opening hex plugs, as well as 2” and 3/4” drum plugs. It’s strong, durable, and will help you open drum plugs safely. We also have 2” and 3/4” plastic barrel taps which help dispense liquids. The 2” version is great for dispensing liquids quickly and the 3/4” version is ideal for dispensing small amounts.