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Drum Wrench

15.00 + Vat

Drum Wrench


Drum wrenches are great for safely opening drums. Drum wrenches reduce pressure when opening drum bungs, also known as plugs. Since drum contents may be under a lot of pressure, opening them with drum wrenches will help you avoid injury.

This drum plug opener opens nearly all types of drums, making it a highly versatile tool. It works brilliantly as an oil drum opening tool.

One part of the barrel wrench is used for easily opening hex plugs. The other parts are designed to open 2” drum plugs and 3/4” drum plugs.

This bung wrench is also strong and durable. It’s made from hardened and tempered cast aluminium for added strength.

You can easily store this tool and take it with you wherever you need to go, thanks to its compact design. This drum plug wrench weighs 1 kg.

We offer next day delivery if your order is before 3pm. Free delivery for orders over €100. Why not check out more of our wide range of barrel equipment? We have oil barrel pumps, drum taps, drum trolleys and more. Feel free to add items to your basket in the “You may also like…” section of the product pages.

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Weight 1 kg

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