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Diesel additives can prolong engine life, saving you money. They can also improve engine power, reduce emissions, and more. The Exocet Gas Oil Supreme fuel additive is mostly used in vehicles that use agri diesel. It reduces particle, smoke, and NOx emissions. It also improves pulling power and more. Or go for the Exocet Gas Oil Extra. This gas oil additive allows for easier starting, smoother running, and more. The Exocet Power Restorer is another highly useful diesel additive. It can be used to restore power to modern diesel engines. It breaks down internal diesel injector deposits and hard lacquers. If you need an effective diesel bug killer, why not go for Exocet Anti Bug Kill? It can tackle an immediate microbiological infestation. It eliminates the blocking of gauges and filters, protects against pipe and tank corrosion, and more. We offer next day delivery if your order is before 3pm. Free delivery for orders over €100.