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Gas Oil Extra

34.00123.00 + Vat

1L treats 3000L

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This Exocet Gas Oil Extra fuel additive is great for adding to diesel. It makes fuels more economical and higher performing and 1 litre treats 3,000 litres of fuel. 

It’s typically used for horticultural and agricultural machinery, airport vehicles, construction equipment, and fork lift trucks.

What Are The Benefits?

This diesel additive improves pulling power and leads to easier starting and smoother running. It also compensates for the reduction of sulphur in green diesel.

It leads to lower smoke, particle, and nox emissions and reduces sludge and fuel tank contamination. 

Counters Gas Oil Specifications Effects

Negative effects from gas oil specifications are countered, for example the reduction of sulphur content and FAME (biodiesel) content. Many engine manufacturers recommend the use of upgrade additives when using red or green diesel. 

For best results, add Exocet Diesel Power Restorer to the tank every 500 hours of operation. Choose the 1 litre or 5 litre bottle to suit your needs.

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