Piusi CFD 70-30 Diesel Tank Filter

If contaminated fuel is a concern, Piusi’s filter might be exactly what you’re looking for.You can trust the Piusi CFD 70-30 diesel tank filter to remove unwanted water or particles from your storage tank. This filter can be replaced once the tank is full and has a micron rating of 30. You can also use this filter with petrol and comes with 1 filter head and 2 filter elements. You can also use this filter with diesel dispensers and pumps to filter diesel while transferring your fuel.


1” F BSP Flanged Inlet/Outlet

Max flow rate of 70litres Per Min

1″-12 F UNF Filter Thread

This filter is ideal for Piusi Cube 56.

  •  Max pressure 3.5 bar
  •  Suitable for use with diesel
  • Replacement filter R1541500  CFD70-30

The PIUSI water-absorbent filter has a steel bowl and removable cartridge.