Piusi Cube 70

650.00 + Vat

70l/min Diesel Pump

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The Piusi Cube 70 is a complete fuel pump enclosed in a weatherproof cabinet for managing the transfer, dispensing and monitoring of fuel. This diesel pump has a maximum flow rate up to 70 l/min, which is equivalent to 18 gpm for efficient fuel dispensing. When in operation, the Piusi Cube 70 emits a noise level below 75 dB. As a guide, 80dB equates to the noise of a ringing phone. This user- friendly feature means that the fuel pump has low noise levels, providing ease and comfort in the working environment. As a highly versatile diesel transfer pump, the Piusi Cube 70 is used for various applications in different sectors. This includes industrial, off- road and agriculture. The Cube 70 fuel transfer pump is self-priming fitted with a bypass valve to ensure high performance. Installing anti-vibration supports allows for better comfort and practicality when in operation. 

This product also comes with a mechanical seal and thermal overload protection for a safe and reliable operation. Overload protection is a safety feature to turn the motor off when excessive heat is generated within the motor circuitry. This will stop the increase in temperature before it can burn up the motor. The mesh filter installed on the suction side prevents the rotor from contamination. Potential contamination could cause blockage and consequent breakage of the pump. This ensures reliability and a long- lasting performance when you buy the Piusi Cube 70. This fuel pump is an IP55 rated product. This guarantees protection from dirt, dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material.

Additional features:

-4 metre 1″ delivery hose

-A60 automatic shut off nozzle

-Nozzle holder with on/off switch

-K33 meter (3 digit)

-Accuracy: +/- 1%

-AC and DC versions available

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