Battery Kit 3000

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Battery Kit 3000

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12 or 24 volt Battery Kit 3000

The Piusi 12 or 24 volt battery 3000 kit is a complete kit designed for use with diesel. The kit comes with a PIUSI carry 3000 pump which delivers up to 45 litres per minute making it ideal for use in various industries, such as automotive, construction and for agricultural use, this pump is your go-to equipment for efficient fuel handling.

The kit has everything you need to transfer diesel quickly, including the pump, 4 metres of hose, nozzle, hose tails and a strainer filter. Ideal for moving diesel from one tank to another, for use on a mobile fuel bowser or for fitting to a stationary tank where only 12 or 24 volt power is present. 

Specification :

  • Self priming vane pump 
  • Incorporated bypass valve
  • 30 min Duty Cycle 
  • Flow rate up to 45 l/min
  • Horizontal 3/4″ ports
  • Mounting bracket 
  • Aluminium manual nozzle
  • 4 metres of 3/4″ diesel hose 
  • X2 Hose tails & hose clips
  • X1 strainer filter 
  • Power lead with inline fuse & Crocodile clips 
  • IP55 Protection 

The Carry 3000 Pump

The Carry 3000 pump in this kit is a self-priming rotary vane pump featuring horizontal facing 3/4″ ports. It comes supplied with power leads with crocodile clips for easy connectivity to any power supply. Manufactured from cast iron, the pump body is built to withstand demanding working conditions, providing exceptional durability and longevity. Its robust construction ensures reliable performance even in the toughest environments, where other pumps might fail. 

Safety and protection

The  pump is equipped with a by-pass valve and a guaranteed IP55 protection rating. The IP55 protection ensures that water and dust are effectively sealed out, safeguarding the motor and internal components from potential damage caused by external elements.

In addition to this, the Piusi diesel pump undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest standards. It is subject to EMC compliance testing, which guarantees no interference with power circuits, making it a reliable and efficient fuel transfer solution for your operations.

This pump is also available in a complete eco kit, which comes with delivery hose, suction hose & nozzle, to view the kit click here

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