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AdBlue, Diesel & Oil Tank Gauges

Avoid spills and fuel wastage with our water, AdBlue, diesel and oil tank gauges from trusted brands. With these gauges, you can always know what level your tank is at and effortlessly monitor your fuel usage. The PIUSI Ocio model monitors fluid in all types of tanks, making it highly versatile. It’s a hydrostatic tank gauge with minimum and maximum level alarms that can be set. The Magnus tank gauges are wireless, cloud-based models. Using the dedicated app, you can access tank information remotely and manage multiple tanks with individual gauges. The Uni-top model shows the percentage of diesel in a tank. It’s ideal for below or above ground tanks. Or check out our high level alarm which prevents overflows by letting you know when the fuel tank is nearly full. It can be used with kerosene, oil, heating oil, B100, biofuel, and diesel. Our overfill protection valve prevents fuel spillage when tanks are being filled. The valve will close when the tank reaches its capacity, ensuring no more fuel enters the tank.