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Bund Level Alarm

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Bund Level Alarm

This Bund level alarm is designed to sound an alarm and warning light if liquid is detected within the outer bund of a tank. This is used to alert you if an inner tank has over flowed into a bund, an inner tank has failed or in the case of an open bund that rain water might be up to a abnormally high level reducing the bunded capacity. 

  • Flashing warning light 
  • 97dB alarm sound 
  • Alarm mute button (light remains flashing)
  • Battery operated, no power required
  • 2 Year battery life* 
  • Tank float switch 5 metre cable
  • ATEX Certified 
  • Weatherproof IP55
  • 90 mm x 90 mm 

How it works

The probe is inserted into the bunded area around the tank to the level where the alarm is required to sound. Should the level of liquid reach the probe it sounds an alarm and engages a flashing warning light. The alarm is 97dB loud but can be silenced with the mute button, the warning light will then remain flashing until the level drops below the probe. These Bund alarms come with a 5 metre cable, so the alarm itself can be mounted away from the tank

Weatherproof IP55 Protection

These Bund level alarms are designed to provide a constant monitoring alarm, which means that it it does not require manual testing like other “push to test” alarms. Its 90 mm x 90 mm allows it to be mounted anywhere on, near or next to the bund being monitored. The alarm is also fully waterproofed to IP55

Suitable Bunds and Liquids

These Tank Bund alarms can be used in various bund sizes and are fully compatible with a range of liquids. They are suitable for use with the following liquids:

  • Water 
  • Diesel, HVO, B100 & Bio-Diesel
  • Engine, Hydraulic & Lube oil
  • Waste or used oil 
  • Heating oil
  • Non Potable Water
  • Kerosene

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