High Level Alarm

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High Level Alarm

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High Level Tank Alarm

This high level tank alarm lets you know when your tank is nearly full, so you can prevent an overflow. It’s suitable for use with biofuel, B100, diesel, kerosene, heating oil, and oil.

  • Constant monitoring alarm
  • Flashing warning light 
  • 97dB alarm sound 
  • Alarm mute button (light remains flashing)
  • Battery operated, no power required
  • 2 Year battery life* 
  • Tank float switch 5 metre cable
  • ATEX Certified 
  • Weatherproof IP55
  • 90 mm x 90 mm 

How it works

The probe is inserted into the tank to the level where the alarm is required. Once the tank level reaches the probe it sounds the alarm and the warning light will flash. The alarm is 97dB loud and can be silenced with the mute button while the warning light remains flashing until the tank level drops below the probe. The Alarm comes with a 5 metre cable, so the unit itself can be mounted away from the way.

Compact & Weatherproof

This High level alarm is a constant monitoring alarm, not a “push to test” alarm, so there’s no need to keep testing manually. Its compact design allows it to be mounted anywhere on, near or next to the tank being monitored. 

Suitable Tanks and Liquids

These alarms can be used in waste oil or water tanks to indicate when the tank is almost full which makes them ideal for use in workshops and garages. They are suitable for use with the following liquids:

  • Diesel
  • HVO, B100 & Bio-Diesel
  • Engine, Hydraulic & Lube oil
  • Waste or used oil 
  • Heating oil
  • Non Potable Water
  • Kerosene

We have a full range of tank gauges, tank alarms & monitoring alarms which can be found here or in the related products below 

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