BP3000 Filter Kit 

The BP3000 Filter kit is a reliable and efficient pump & filter combination designed for use with diesel. It delivers up to 45 litres per minute making it ideal for use in various industries, such as automotive, construction and for agricultural use. The kit comes complete with a delivery hose 4 metres long and a manual nozzle. 

  • 12v or 24v pump
  • CF60 10 micron dirt filter
  • 30 micron water absorbent filter
  • 4 metre 3/4″ delivery hose with 1″ BSP ends
  • Aluminium manual nozzle

The Carry 3000 is a self-priming rotary vane pump featuring horizontal 3/4″ threaded ports. This innovative design ensures seamless and reliable fuel transfer, making it ideal for use in both mobile and stationary tanks. It comes supplied with power leads with crocodile clips to easy connectivity to any power supply. 

Pump Specification :

  • Self priming vane pump 
  • Incorporated bypass valve
  • 30 min Duty Cycle 
  • Flow rate up to 45 l/min
  • Cast iron body 
  • Horizontal 3/4″ BSP threaded ports 
  • Mounting bracket 
  • On / off switch 
  • Power lead with inline fuse & Crocodile clips 
  • IP55 Protection 

Voltage Options

The carry 3000 is available in either 12 or 24-volt direct current options, providing flexibility and compatibility with your existing power systems. The power leads supplied with the pump come with crocodile clips as well as an inline fuse. This versatility ensures a seamless integration into your operations, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. The 24 volt pump can be used in the construction industry on track machines & other earthmoving equipment. 


The kit comes fully assembled with a 10 micron dirt / particle filter on the inlet side of the pump. As well as a 30 micron water absorbent filter on the outlet. The two filters combined work together to ensure that the diesel being transferred is filter to a very high standard. 

Safety and protection

are paramount, which is why our pump is equipped with a by-pass valve and a guaranteed IP55 protection rating. The IP55 protection ensures that water and dust are effectively sealed out, safeguarding the motor and internal components from potential damage caused by external elements.

In addition to this, the Piusi diesel pump undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest standards. It is subject to EMC compliance testing, which guarantees no interference with power circuits, making it a reliable and efficient fuel transfer solution for your operations.

This pump is also available in a complete eco kit, which comes with delivery hose, suction hose & nozzle, to view the kit click here

Download Piusi Datasheet