Anti Bug Kill

75.00385.00 + Vat

1L treats 5000L


Exocet Anti Bug Kill is A diesel additive which tackles microbiological infestations which can occur within a a diesel tank – 1 litre can treat up to 5,000 litres of diesel. 

What Does Diesel Bug Contamination Look Like?

If you experience fuel filters constantly blocking with clear signs of a slimy black/light brown coloured substance, this can be a sign of a bug infestation. Exocet Anti-bug is highly effective at clearing diesel from such infestations

How to tell if your tank has been contaminated by the diesel bug?

There are a few indications that your fuel may be contaminated with the diesel bug. It is important to address the problem as soon as possible, to prevent any damage to engines. 

  • Blocked filters more frequently than normal
  • Blocked pipework or ports
  • Increased steel fuel tank corrosion 
  • Sediment or sludge within the tank
  • Restricted fuel flow or pump starvation
  • Loss of engine power with contaminated fuel
  • Difficulty starting & maintaining smooth running

Eliminating the Diesel Bug

EXOCET Anti-Bug Fuel Additive is formulated and proven to both prevent & kill the diesel bug in diesel storage tanks, which ensures high fuel quality.

Protection – The additive can be used in a protective dosage ratio of 1:20,000 litres. This mixture ratio is tested and proven to eliminate the chances of the diesel bug inhabiting the fuel storage environment. This provides excellent peace of mind to ensure fuel quality is not compromised and perfect for use in storage tanks where fuel may be stored for long periods of time.

Kill – A higher dosage rate of 1:5,000 litres is used to kill any existing diesel bug that is already inhabiting the fuel storage tank. 

Both dosages cover a large spectrum and variety of micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts. The Anti-Bug additive has an immediate effect and provides full protection against not only the diesel bug but also tank corrosion. The clean up rate for this additive is 24 – 36 hours, providing a quick response time from the point of initial mixing.

Anti Bug is approved as a fuel additive by main engine manufactures such Mercedes Benz, DAF, MAN, NATO, Deutz, Shell & other reputable brands

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