Gas Oil Supreme

34.00 + Vat

1 litre Bottle


This Exocet Gas Oil Supreme fuel additive improves fuel performance, reduces tank contamination, lowers emissions, and more. It’s most often used in vehicles that use agri diesel, but it can also be used for construction equipment, fork lift trucks, and airport vehicles.

This 1L bottle of advanced diesel fuel additive treats 2,000 litres of fuel. It’s great for mineral diesel and biodiesel blends. 

Improves Fuel Performance

This Exocet additive makes up for the reduction in sulphur in green diesel. It improves fuel performance by improving pulling power. It also leads to easier starting and smoother running.

It aligns with modern engine calibrations and improves combustion efficiency. It also increases the lubrication of fuel, which reduces friction. It even improves the performance of older vehicles.

Reduces Fuel Tank Contamination

This diesel additive reduces sludge and fuel tank contamination and protects against corrosion. It also keeps the system clean and running at its best by preventing deposit formation in the fuel pump, injectors, and more. This prevents filter blockages.

Prevents Injector Sticking & More

It also ensures the injector spray pattern is maintained and it prevents the injector from over-fuelling or sticking. In older engines it also prevents nozzle coking.

What’s more, it compensates for some of the harmful effects of high FAME (biodiesel) content, such as water pick-up.

More Environmentally Friendly

It’s also better for the environment as it causes the fuel to produce less smoke, particle, and nox emissions.

It can be added directly into the vehicle tank or to bulk storage. This bottle of diesel treatment weighs 1kg.

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