Diesel Supreme

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Diesel Supreme


Looking to achieve consistent and optimal power delivery, lower emissions, optimise fuel economy or minimise diesel knock and engine noise? If so, this Exocet Diesel Supreme fuel additive will come in very handy.

Treats 2,000 Litres of Fuel

This 1L bottle of diesel additive treats 2,000 litres of fuel. It’s great for upgrading retail diesel to premium grade fuel. It also acts as an additive package for terminal-sourced DERV (basic EN590 diesel).

It’s most often used in vehicles that use agri diesel.

Improves Fuel Performance & More

This diesel treatment makes up for the reduction in sulphur in green diesel. It improves fuel performance by improving pulling power. It also leads to easier starting and smoother running. 

It increases the fuel’s cetane number, which gives it a smoother power delivery and acceleration boost. It also improves water resistance, and provides better corrosion protection.

What’s more, it enhances the life expectancy of the engine and by minimising the load, it also increases the life of diesel particle filters (DPF). 

Lowers Emissions & More

This diesel fuel additive improves combustion efficiency, which lowers emissions. It also helps keep the injector and fuel system clean. It also provides combustion chamber deposit control.

It reduces fuelling spillage, which helps keep your workshop safe, and it also reduces tank filling time. It can be added directly into the vehicle tank or to bulk storage. This bottle of Exocet additive weighs 1kg.

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Weight 1 kg

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