Tilting Drum Cradle

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Tilting Drum Cradle

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Tilting Drum Cradle

The GROZ tilting drum cradle makes it easy and safe to move larger drums or barrels with minimal effort. By sliding the cradle under the barrel and tilting backwards onto the heavy duty wheels you can freely move full or empty drums and barrels around the workshop. The handle on the cradle is removeable providing convenient barrel storage for use with barrel taps.

  • Tilting cradle design 
  • Maximum load 273kg 
  • Self storing lever bar
  • 2″ non spark wheels 
  • Powder coated steel finish

Barrel Moving

The heavy duty trolley design is ideal tool for moving or re-locating heavy oil drums or barrels. By sliding the bottom hooks under the barrel and using the lever bar to grip the top lip found on most steel barrels, it simply tilts backwards onto the four 2″ heavy duty non sparking wheels, allowing you to wheel the barrel or drum around the workshop. 

Barrel Storage

The tilting drum cradle is very convenient for storing barrels or drums, by lifting them up off the floor it allows you to use fill smaller containers using a drum tap which makes an ideal oil dispenser or for use with other liquids. We have a range of drum taps available such as the 2″ plastic drum tap, designed for use with the steel 205 litre barrels which can be found by clicking here.

Robust Design

The tilting drum cradle is designed and manufactured to be both durable and robust. Made from an entirely steel construction and finished in a red powder coating it is designed to withstand the demands of a modern workshop.

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