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Clean up oil spills quickly and efficiently with these spill socks. These are an important addition to your spill kit, helping to keep everyone safe in the workplace and protect the environment. 

Technical Specifications

  • Pack of 20 spill socks
  • Suitable for oil spills
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Knitted outer skin
  • White colour for easy visibility
  • Length: 1200mm 
  • Diameter: 75mm

Knitted Outer Skin

These oil socks swiftly tackle oil spills, thanks to their innovative design featuring a knitted outer skin. This enhances absorption speed and allows it to expand. This allows it to contain a larger volume of fluid. 

For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Be ready for possible oil spills, no matter where they occur. Whether machinery is leaking at the industrial site or somebody drops a tray of oil at the workshop, these socks are a reliable solution.

Great Visibility

Even their white coloration serves a practical purpose by enhancing visibility, ensuring that absorbed liquids are easily discernible. This makes cleanup and disposal even more efficient.

20 Pack

Each pack contains 20 socks and each sock measures 1200mm in length and 75mm in diameter. This means you have an ample supply to handle various spill scenarios. 

So, whether you’re collecting items for a new spill kit or you’re looking for refills, these spill socks will prove to be a great addition.

How To Use

The oil spill socks should be placed directly on the floor, a few inches away from the spill. Then move the barrier towards the spilled oil. The barrier can be made more effective by linking the socks.

Dispose After Use

The oil absorbent socks should be disposed after use. You should wear gloves and other PPE equipment when cleaning oil spills and disposing of spill equipment. Please become familiar with the Irish guidelines for cleaning oil spills.

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