Piusi Cube 56 & Filters

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56l/min Diesel Pump

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PISUI Cube 56 & Filter Kit 

The Complete diesel transfer kit which includes a cube 56 and two filters. CF60 10 micron particle filter & and a 30 micron water absorbent filter. The PIUSI cube 56 is a clean and efficient solution for dispensing diesel. Ideal for mounting directly to a tank or on a wall. 

  • 56 litre per minute pump
  • Self priming with integrated by-pass
  • K33 meter (3 digit)
  • 4 metre 3/4″ delivery hose
  • A60 automatic shut off nozzle
  • Nozzle holder with on/off switch
  • delivery hose hanger 
  • IP55 protection
  • Max flow rate up to 56 l/min
  • CF60 10 micron particle dirt filter 
  • CFD70-30 water absorbent filter 30 micron 

What is in the Kit?

This kit comes with everything you need including the fittings required to join the filters to the pump as well as a 1″ hose tail to connect the joining hose or suction hose to directly onto the inlet side of the particle filter.

Cube 56 Pump & Meter

The 56 litre per minute pump is a versatile and efficient solution for various fluid transfer applications and is designed for non commercial use. With its self-priming capability and integrated by-pass, it ensures hassle-free operation and easy setup. The K33 meter with its 3-digit display enables precise monitoring of the flow rate, allowing for accurate measurements.

Auto Shut Off Nozzle

The pump comes equipped with a 4-meter long 3/4″ delivery hose, providing excellent reach and flexibility during dispensing. The A60 automatic shut off nozzle enhances safety by preventing overflows or spills, and the nozzle holder with an on/off switch offers added convenience.

Diesel Filtering 

To maintain optimal performance, the pump features a CF60 10-micron particle dirt filter and a CFD70-30 water absorbent filter (30 microns), effectively filtering out impurities from the fuel, safeguarding the pump and the vehicles being refuelled.

With IP55 protection, the pump is shielded against dust and water, making it suitable for various environmental conditions. Its impressive maximum flow rate of 56 l/min ensures quick and efficient transfer, while the delivery hose hanger keeps everything organized and tidy. Overall, this pump is a reliable and high-performing tool for fluid transfer needs.

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