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Cab 20L Spill Bag

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20 Litre Cab Spill Bag

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Cab Spill Bag 20 Litre

The cab spill bag is designed to be compact, portable and convenient. Ideal size for storage within the cab of trucks, buses, vans, machines, forklifts etc. It provides an all in one solution for absorbent materials required to deal with spills of up to 20 litres. Having all the required materials in one portable bay allows for a quick and effective response to spills.

  • Centralises all soaking and absorbent materials in one bag
  • Re-usable carry bag 
  • Spill pads & spill socks
  • Disposable bag with tie
  • Disposable gloves 

This Spill kit comes fully stocked and ready to use for all diesel or oil spills. The compact size of the kit enables it to be kept within the cab and takes up minimal space

By centralizing all the required spill equipment in one location it allows for a quick response to any spillages & also keeps everything easy to manage to restock when required. This particular kit is  a mobile unit, allowing you to have it on hand and close proximity to deal with any spills. 

We have a range of spill kits available in different sizes to suit your requirements, you can view them here. 

Portable Spill Kits advantages

A portable 20-liter cab spill kit for oil and diesel spills offers numerous advantages. Its compact size enables easy storage and transport, while its rapid response capability allows for quick containment and control of spills. The kit’s comprehensive contents, including absorbent pads, socks, and pillows, effectively contain spills, ensuring environmental protection. It complies with regulations, reduces costs, and prioritizes employee safety by minimizing risks associated with spills. Spill cleanups are crucial for environmental protection, preventing contamination of soil, waterways, and wildlife. Prompt action minimizes harm and ensures compliance with regulations, safeguarding ecosystems and human health.

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