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Land & Marine Booms

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Land & Marine Booms

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Land & Marine Booms

Land & Marine Booms are a highly absorbent spill containment solution for surrounding an area and absorbing oil, fuel and other non hazardous liquids. 
• Safely absorb oils, fuels, coolant, solvents and non-hazardous liquids
• 12cm diameter, 3 metres long
• Robust outer skin protecting inner absorbent filling
• Use to surround a spillage to prevent further spreading
• Absorbs liquid on contact
Land Booms
Made from recycled materials they are an eco friendly solution and are ideal for use in any workshop, commercial or industrial setting. These booms are used to prevent spillages from spreading to larger areas while also soaking up large volumes of liquid. 
Marine Booms
Marine booms are designed specifically for use over water on rivers, in harbours or at sea. They are designed to soak up oil, fuel and other contaminants while repealing water. This makes them perfect for use on boats and in areas where water is present. Marine booms can also be used to prevent the contaminating liquid from spreading further. 

How Important Are Spill Booms?

Land & Marine Booms are an essential part to any spill or rapid response kit. They provide a safe and clean way of both containing a spillage and soaking up any contaminating fluid, which reduces the impact on the surrounding environment. Marine booms are specifically designed to not absorb water, which makes them perfect for use in areas such as harbours, lakes and rivers where machinery such as engines have the protentional to leak oil or fuel.

We stock a wide range of spill kits suitable for various applications. With sizes from 20L up to 800 Litres. Each kit comes fully packed with pads, socks, gloves and a storage unit. For more information or to view our range of spill kits click here. 

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