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Mobile Spill Pod

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Mobile Spill Pod 

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Mobile Spillpod 

The mobile Spill Pod is a versatile and compact unit that provides an all in one storage solution for wiping, cleaning, and absorbent materials for spills within the workshop. Designed to be portable across any surface the wide rubber wheels ensure stability and grip in the toughest of surfaces. The storage trunk allows storage of either spill socks, pads or loose absorbent, ensuring a quick and effective response to spills around the workshop 

  • Centralises soaking and absorbent materials
  • EVO spill pad roll dispenser 
  • Spill sock holder / loose absorbent storage compartment (supplied with spill socks initially)
  • Heavy duty construction
  • rubber wheels
  • top handle for ease of movement

This Mobile Spill Pod kit comes supplied including:

A full roll of spill pads, 15 individual spill socks, There is the option of a chemical kit which includes absorbent pads & absorbent socks designed for use with chemicals.

By centralizing all the required spill equipment in one location it allows for a quick response to any spillages & also keeps everything easy to manage to restock when required. This particular kit is  a mobile unit, allowing you to bring it to the spill location or to re-locate to other locations easily and quickly. 

We have a range of spill kits available in different sizes to suit your requirements, you can view them here. 

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Diesel & oil kit, Chemical kit

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