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Spill bin Covers

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Spill Bin Covers

Bin Cover and audit cover for wheelie bin spill kits are available in 3 different sizes to suit our 90 litre, 120 litre, and 240 litre spill bins. These covers are designed to protect the contents of the spill bins while also providing a weatherproof cover.

  • Waterproof cover 
  • Heavy duty vinyl 
  • Integrated pouch for re-fill lists etc.
  • Elasticated edges 
  • Yellow coloured for easy identification 

Audit Cover 

An audit cover is used on spill bin kits to ensure its readiness for any incidents. Once the bin is full or re-filled with spill soaking products, the cover is placed over the lid as a visual guide that the bin is ready for an emergency. If the cover is removed it is then clear that the bin is not fully prepared for a spill. 

Document pouch

The integrated pouch can be used to store a re-fill list itemising products required to re-fill the contents of the bin. It can also be used for a check list, for daily, weekly or monthly inspections to ensure that the contents are ready for any spillages. 

Other uses

These covers can also be used on regular household bins, providing a weather and taper proof seal over the top of the bin. This prevents unwanted easy access to the bin while also providing added protection in high winds preventing the contents of the bin from escaping. 


The bin covers come in 3 sizes and are designed to fit small, medium and large bins. Each size is tailor fitted with elastic restraining edges to ensure the cover fits correctly

We stock a wide range of spill bin kits suitable for various applications and spill sizes. With sizes from 90L up to 800 Litres. Each kit comes fully packed with pads, socks, gloves and a storage unit. For more information or to view our range of spill kits click here. 

We offer Free nationwide delivery on all orders over  €100 

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Small 90L, Medium 120L, large 240L

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