Oil Tank Sizes For Homes: Your Complete Guide

Many of us rely on oil-fired central heating systems to keep our homes warm during the chilly winters. Central to these systems is the oil tank and it’s important to know which oil tank sizes are right for our households.

So let this be your complete guide before you buy your new oil tank.

Green 1,100L Oil Tank

Our 1,100L Oil Tank

Importance of Choosing the Right Oil Tank Size

The size of your oil tank directly affects how often you’ll need refills, your heating system’s efficiency, and even the space required for installation. 

Selecting an appropriately sized tank ensures that you have an adequate supply of oil to keep your home comfortably heated throughout the winter. It also minimises the frequency of refills and potential disruptions to your heating system.

There are numerous factors to consider, as we outline below.

Household Size & Usage

The size of your household and your heating needs are primary factors in determining the appropriate oil tank size. Larger households with higher heating demands will naturally require larger tanks to accommodate their usage.

Green 1,350L Oil Tank

Our 1,350L Oil Tank

Available Space

Consider the space available for installing the oil tank on your property. Larger tanks may require more space, both for the tank itself and for access for refilling and maintenance. Ensure that there’s ample room for installation and that local regulations regarding placement are followed.

Fuel Consumption

Evaluate your typical fuel consumption based on past usage or estimates provided by heating professionals. This assessment will help determine the tank size needed to meet your heating requirements between refills comfortably.

Green 2,500L Oil Tank

Our 2,500L Oil Tank

Climate Considerations

Ireland’s climate, particularly during the winter months, can vary significantly. Colder regions may require larger tanks to ensure an uninterrupted fuel supply during prolonged periods of cold weather.

Regulatory Requirements

Familiarise yourself with any local regulations or guidelines regarding oil tank installation, including size restrictions and safety standards. Compliance with these regulations is essential to ensure both safety and legal compliance.

Float Tank Gauge

Our Float Tank Gauge

Common Oil Tank Sizes

In Ireland, oil tanks come in various sizes to accommodate different household needs. Common sizes range from 900 litres (200 gallons) to 2,500 litres (550 gallons) or more. The most suitable size for your home depends on the factors mentioned above.

Consult With Professionals

It’s essential to consult with heating professionals or suppliers who can provide personalised recommendations based on your specific requirements and circumstances. Our expert team will be happy to help you. Just call us on 053 913 5165 or email us at info@rotech.ie.

PIUSI Ocio Digital Tank Gauge

Our PIUSI Ocio Digital Tank Gauge

Selecting the right heating oil tank size is a crucial decision for homeowners in Ireland relying on oil-fired heating systems. By considering factors such as household size, fuel consumption, available space, and regulatory requirements, you can make an informed choice that ensures efficient heating and minimises the need for frequent refills. 

Whether you opt for a smaller tank for a modest household or a larger tank for increased heating demands, choosing the appropriate size is key to maintaining comfort and convenience throughout the winter months.

How We Can Help You

At Rotech, we have oil tanks in a variety of sizes including 1100L, 1350L, 2500L, and more. The tanks featured above are suitable with all types of used or waste oil and they’re ideal for home, commercial, and industrial applications.

They’re also bunded tanks, which means they have a second ‘skin’. This ‘skin’ catches any spills or leaks, preventing the oil from polluting the environment.

We also have tank gauges that monitor your tank’s contents. This means you can easily see when the oil is running low, so you can order more before you run out. Check out our float tank gauge and PIUSI Ocio digital tank gauge, featured above.