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1100 Litre Oil Tank

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1100L Bunded Oil Tank

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1100L bunded waste oil tank

This 1100L bunded waste oil tank is the perfect solution for safely storing waste oil and ideal for use in commercial, industrial and home applications.

  • Lockable access lid 
  • 2″ Fill point 
  • 1″ BSP bottom outlet
  • Tank contents dipstick
  • UV stabilised for protection against sunlight 
  • Length: 1940 mm x Width: 840 mm x Height: 1390 mm
  • Brimful capacity: 1174 Litres
  • Weight: 130 kg when empty 


The 1100L bunded oil tank is suitable for all types of oil including heating oil, diesel and HVO. With a convenient access hatch to the top of the tank which has an integrated fill point and dip stick. The dip stick can be used to measure the contents level of the tank.

Bunded Tanks

A Bunded tank is essentially a tank within a tank. This ensures should anything happen to either tank the fuel remains safe. A Bunded tank is designed to hold the entire contents of the inner tank in the outer tank, so there is no fear of any losses or contamination to surrounding areas should an incident occur. Bunded tanks are a requirement in most installations as of 2023.

Carbery Bunded Plastic Tanks comply with current fuel storage regulations In Ireland, As bunded tanks are a requirement at all commercial, industrial and institutional installations, as well as most domestic and agricultural installations.

Made To Last

It’s manufactured from superior quality recyclable polyethylene, which is corrosion resistant. It’s also low maintenance and UV stabilised to protect from sunlight damage. This makes it long-lasting.

Meets Industry Standards

It’s also EN13341 compliant, OFCERT approved, and manufactured to ISO standards. So, it’s recognised as a reliable and efficient tank which is up to date with current regulations.


Larger tanks purchased from our online shop will have a delivery time slightly longer than other items. We aim to provide delivery as quickly as possible. Find out more about our oil tank range here

***This product is only available in Rep of Ireland & Northern Ireland***

Additional information

Dimensions 1280 × 1285 × 275 cm

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