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Oil Dispensing kit

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Oil Dispensing Kit

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Oil Dispensing Kit 

The oil dispensing kit is an oil delivery kit, mounted on a Schutz bunded tank, which is available in a 700 or 1000 litre configuration. The schutz tank is a fully bunded tank and can be used with many different oil types including lube oil, engine oil and hydraulic oil. 

Dispensing kit 

Fitted to the schutz tank is a full range of Lubeworks equipment designed to dispense oil efficiently and cleanly

  • 3:1 Air operated pump
  • Up to 12 l/min 
  • 15 metre 1/2″ hydraulic hose reel
  • Fully enclosed spring retractable reel 
  • Digital metered dispensing gun 
  • Anti drip nozzle 
  • Nozzle drip tray 
  • Tank bracket 

Digital Dispensing Gun

The digital dispensing gun measures flow rates of 1 – 30 litres per minute and has an accuracy of 0.5%. It has a 5 digit LCD display and comes with a flexible spout with an anti-drip nozzle. The meter is protected by a rubber protector, providing protection against any falls.  This kit also comes with a nozzle drip tray, to catch any drips from the nozzle, ensuing the area is kept clean and safe from any drips. 

3:1 Air Operated Pump

The 3:1 pneumatic pump by is an oil pump, suitable for transferring medium viscosity oil. Operating between 3 and 8 bar, the 3:1 pump provides up to 12 l/min. It is designed for engine, lube and transmission oils.

Lubeworks 15M Enclosed Reel

The spring retractable reel is a 15 metre reel with 1/2″ hydraulic hose. A retractable reel provides extensive reach across a work area and enhances the efficiency of any workshop. A reel also ensures when the hose is not in use, it is kept out of the way preventing any trip hazards. 

Shutz Oil Tank 

Each Schutz oil tank is fitted with a tank contents gauge and a breather cap. There is also no oil odour thanks to the SMP odour barrier. The tank is also fully bunded & compliant with up to date oil storage regulations.

A Bunded tank is essentially a tank within a tank. This ensures should anything happen to either tank the fuel remains safe. A Bunded tank is designed to hold the entire contents of the inner tank in the outer tank, so there is no fear of any losses or contamination to surrounding areas should an incident occur. 

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***This tank is only available in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland***

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700 litre, 1000 litre

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