Keep your workshop clean and safe with this PIUSI oil drip tray. It will collect excess oil so you can avoid spills, preventing slips or falls and protecting the environment. It also has a removable tray so you can easily dispose of unwanted oil, making your job easier.

Technical Specifications

  • Wall or tank mounted drip tray to collect drips from a delivery nozzle
  • Removable tray for disposal of oil
  • Complete with nozzle hook
  • Powder coated black paint

Wall Or Tank Mountable

You can mount this spill tray on your storage tank or on a wall to avoid spills. It also avoids drips of oil from the nozzle when it’s not in use. This makes it a versatile piece of equipment to have in your workshop.

Complete With Nozzle Hook

This oil tray even comes with a nozzle hook. This ensures that the nozzle is securely held in place, minimising the risk of it falling or causing further spills when not in use.

Powder Coated

This oil drip tray is also finished with powder coated black paint. This gives it a sleek and professional appearance and it also provides durability and resistance to corrosion. This ensures a longer lifespan, making it a reliable and cost-effective investment for your fuel transfer needs.

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