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Spill Containment Tray

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Spill Containment tray 4L – 18L capacity

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Spill Containment Tray

The Spill Tector spill containment tray absorbs oil, fuel and AdBlue, while allowing clean rain water to flow off freely through a drain point at the bottom of the tray. The side walls are made from a flexible material allowing heavy machinery to be wheeled on and off the tray. The high absorbency pad is specifically designed for use under generators, machines, tanks, drums, and similar equipment.

Technical Specifications

  • Suitable for oil, fuel, and AdBlue
  • Unique absorbent laminate
  • Flexible side walls
  • Tough mesh grid
  • Allows clean rainwater to flow away
  • Designed for use under generators, machines, tanks, drums, etc

How It Works

Contaminants are trapped in the unique absorbent laminate, preventing them from spreading and causing environmental harm. Meanwhile, clean rainwater is allowed to flow away freely without being absorbed, which makes this oil pan ideal for outdoor use.

Generators & Hire Equipment

The Spill Tector containment tray is designed for use under generators, light towers, small machinery or similar equipment that are running un-manned. Drips or spills of fuel or oil can often occur, by placing the containment tray underneath, this allows the absorbent mat to soak up any spills while allowing clean rainwater to run off. This ensures there is no environmental impact to the surrounding area. This makes it ideal for use in combination with equipment on sites and event areas where spillages or drips can be hazardous.

Flexible & Durable Design

The flexible side walls of the spill tray allow heavy machinery and equipment to be wheeled on and off without compromising the containment integrity. It also has a tough mesh grid which is specifically engineered to withstand the weight and impact of heavier machines. This ensures that the oil tray remains effective and intact even in demanding industrial environments.

3 Sizes Available

To cater to different spill containment needs, this spill pan is available in 3 sizes:

  • 4 Litre: 700 x 550 x 100 mm
  • 9 Litre: 1050 x 700 x 100 mm
  • 18 Litre: 1500 x 1000 x 100 mm

This range of sizes allows you to choose the most suitable option based on the size of the machine. Suitable for workshops, construction sites, event areas or manufacturing facilities. This oil drip tray is a reliable and adaptable solution to address environmental concerns and comply with safety regulations.

Additional information

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4 Litre, 9 Litre, 18 Litre

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