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Spill Trolley

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Mobile Spill Trolley

The mobile spill trolley allows you to easily move 205L barrels and other small containers around the workshop. The robust polyethylene trolley base, steel handle and heavy duty castor wheels provide excellent stability. The trolley is designed to catch and contain any drips or leaks with a sump capacity of 30 litres.

Spill Trolley Features

  • 30 Litre Sump Capacity
  • Heavy duty single plastic mould 
  • 100% polyethylene 
  • UV Stabilised 
  • Steel handle 
  • 4 castor wheels with 2 locking
  • High chemical resistance 
  • Max. 300kg load UDL
  • Sump Dimensions : 725 mm x 725 mm x 255mm 
  • Overall height including handle : 990 mm 

Advantages of a Spill Trolley 

A spill trolley is a highly portable trolley which is designed for moving 205 Litre barrels at ease. With an ergonomically designed handle and 4 heavy duty castor wheels it can be easily moved around the workshop and relocated. As well this, a spill trolley has an integrated sump, which can contain and drips or spills from the barrel ensuring your work area is kept safe and free from any spillages. 

Sump Capacity 

The sump is a single plastic mould made from 100% polyethylene. It can hold up to 30 litres allowing for it to be used for a long period of time before needing to be emptied. As it is made from  polyethylene, this ensures it has a high chemical resistance and suitable for containing various liquid types without corrosion or harm.

Spill Containment 

This trolley acts as a mobile drip tray and suitable for containing any spillages or drips that may occur from the barrel. Ideal for keeping the workshop clean and safe from any protentional spillages 

We offer nationwide delivery on our full range of spill containment, drip trays and kits. We also have a range of barrel trolleys in stock, to view our full range visit our barrel equipment section 

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