HVO storage

HVO Fuel Storage is similar to the storage of standard road diesel. Our range of tanks are all fully compatible with HVO

What is HVO

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is considered a renewable diesel, which is increasing in popularity as a replacement for standard road diesel.  HVO is formulated by hydrotreating waste and sustainable materials, It’s use is widely considered to be a greener and more sustainable fuel as HVO provides a reduction in carbon emissions compared to standard road diesel. 

The benefits of HVO:

  • Reduces carbon emissions 
  • Direct replacement for diesel 
  • Excellent performance in both cold & warm conditions 
  • Improved safety, storage and handling compared to standard road diesel

Storage of HVO

Storage of HVO is no different than it is to standard road diesel. If there is currently a bunded tank in place with pumping equipment, then it is highly likely that the existing equipment will be compatible with HVO, should you choose to switch fuels.

Steel Tanks – Provide a very secure and long lasting solution for HVO fuel storage. We offer a range of steel tank sizes from 1,900 litres up to 85,000 litres, depending on your requirements. As well as having tanks in stock, we can also provide options for bespoke custom made tanks. Steel tanks are fully compatible with HVO

10,000 Litre Bunded Tank

                    10,000 Litre Bunded Tank

Plastic Tanks – Are a cost effective and versatile storage option for HVO. Each plastic tank in our range is fully compatible with HVO, with sizes ranging from 650 litres up to 9,000 litres. 

6000 litre tank

                     6000 litre tank

Bunded Tanks

A Bunded tank is essentially a tank within a tank. This ensures that if anything should happen to either tank the fuel remains safe. A Bunded tank is designed to hold the entire contents of the inner tank in the outer tank also, so there is no fear of any losses or contamination to surrounding areas should an incident occur. Bunded tanks are a requirement in most installations as of 2023 and our full range of bulk storage tanks both plastic and steel come fully bunded. 

HVO Pumps 

HVO fuel is similiar to standard road diesel, therefore our range of pumps are the ideal solution for pumping or transferring HVO. We offer full fuel managment systems to monitor and track fuel usage as well as standard pumps. We can provide a system that best suits your business. To find out more about fuel management and pumping systems click here