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6000 Bunded Tank Only

3,850.00 + Vat

6000 litre no cabinet

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This 6000 litre bunded tank is ideal for storing bulk diesel, HVO and heating oil. 

The 6,000 litre tank is the ideal solution for those looking to store large quantities of fuel. Manafactured from UV stabilised plastic the tank’s contents are fully protected from UV rays and you don’t need to worry about overfilling with the integrated overfill prevention probe. It comes fitted with a 1″ bottom outlet to allow you to position the tank externally from your pump or existing system allowing greater versatility.


Additional features:

  • Tank dimensions: 2400mm high x 2300mm in diameter 
  • Inlet diameter: 50.8mm
  • Weight: 412kg

Each tank also comes fitted with the following:

  • 2” fuel tank fill point with lever type isolation valve
  • 1″ BSP bottom outlet (25.4mm)
  • Top inspection point access lid


This 6000 bunded vertical tank is suitable for the storage diesel, oil, home heating oil and HVO. When using with diesel or HVO, it can be combined with a number of PIUSI pumps, which can be connected direct to the bottom outlet of the tank to provide an all in one re-fueling station. 

To view our range of pumps suitable for diesel & HVO  click here 

Suitable for Hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO)

HVO is a biofuel made by the hydronation of vegetable oil.  It is becoming a popular choice as a direct replacement for diesel as a greener or more renewable diesel choice. This 6000 litre bunded tank is fully suitable for the storage of HVO


***This tank is only available in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland***

Larger tanks purchased from our online shop will have a delivery time slightly longer than smaller items, should you choose to purchase this tank delivery time is approx. within 14 working days 

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