AdBlue IBC ECO Kit

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AdBlue Basic Kit

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The AdBlue ECO IBC kit is the ideal kit designed to provide a cost effective & efficient solution for dispensing AdBlue from any IBC tank. The ECO kit comes with an IBC bracket that hangs on the cage of the IBC with the pump conveniently mounted on the bracket. 

  • IBC cage mounting bracket
  • 34 l/min PIUSI pump
  • Self priming 230 volt 
  • 4 Metre delivery hose 
  • Standard AdBlue Nozzle 
  • 1.5 metre bottom outlet suction hose
  • IBC fitting and non return valve
  • IP55 protection
  • Optional Automatic Shut off Nozzle 

ECO Kit Contents

The ECO Kit comes with a IBC bracket, designed specifically to hang on the outer cage of the IBC, which makes it fast & convenient to set up. With a 230V pump combined with a 4-meter delivery hose and all required fittings and suction hoses to connect to the bottom outlet on the IBC. There is also the option of a manual or automatic shut off nozzle. 

Which nozzle should I Choose?

The manual nozzle provided with the ECO kit as standard is a heavy duty and ergonomically designed nozzle, ideal for use with all vehicles. The automatic nozzle is designed to shut off automatically once the AdBlue tank being filled starts to fill up the spout, which ensures that there is no spillages or loss of AdBlue, making it a safe and cleaner option.

230V PIUSI AdBlue Pump 

The AdBlue Eco Kit is equipped with a 230V PIUSI self priming pump, capable of up to 34l/min, with 1″ BSP male ports it is widely compatible with various additional components that can be added to the pump afterwards, such as a K24 flow meter, AdBlue filter & a range of other fittings. 

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ECO kit Manual Nozzle, ECO kit Auto Nozzle

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