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Ferroni ML series PTO water pump, is a high volume, high pressure pump that connects directly to the PTO shaft of your tractor.

MT-300 transfer pump has a flow rate up to 280 litres/min

  • Supplied with two 40mm hose tails
  • Max pressure 25 bar
  • Max head 300 metres
  • Self priming to 6 metres
  • No hoses supplied with this product
  • Made in Italy

For transferring liquids and watering, the Ferroni MT-300 self-priming roller pump treats high volumes at high pressure. This roller pump is compatible with a 540 coupler, sits directly on the spline of the PTO shaft and can transfer up to 280 litres per minute. 

Water, non-abrasive and non-corrosive herbicides can be drained from this pump. It can also be used for small courses of irrigation with or without sprinklers. This direct PTO drive roller pump sits in a cast iron housing with a rotor with nylon rollers, a cap, and two hose links, and provides a chain for rigid fastening to a tractor. 

This roller pump self-primes and pushes up to 75 gpm and suits on a 540 spline PTO shaft. The pump has a port of inlet as well as an outlet, bearing 450 PSI high pressure and going 600 revolutions per minute. With the PTO pump mt 300undnbsp, high pressure machines, trailers etc can be cleaned and washed as well (also with soap). You may pump or fill ponds around the water, irrigate or fertilize arable land or add herbicide. On the suction and pressure side, the mt 300 has 1 1/2″ ig / 40 mm connections. The PTO pump rotates at a rate of 700 rpm and has a 7.5 kw/10 HP output.

This pump has both a hose for suction and a hose for discharge. For the self-priming pump, the suction hose with the floor basket is put in the water supply, so that the water is drained into the pump by the suction hose. The water is then discharged through the pressure hose. Make sure the filter is at least 20 cm below the surface when measuring it. We will deliver your pump in the fastest way possible anywhere in Ireland.

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