Non Return Valve

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Non Return Valve

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Non Return Valve Plastic 

Non Return Valve Spring loaded with mesh strainer. Suitable for use in tanks, in line or as a foot valve. 

  •  Plastic housing
  • Stainless steel spring
  • 1″ Female BSP inlet & outlet 
  •  Suitable for AdBlue, diesel and oil

Use in Tanks

A Non Return Valve is great for use on the end of a suction hose inserted into a tank. it helps keep liquid in the line and prevents liquid from freely entering the suction line. As the valve is spring loaded it will only activate once there is sufficient suction. The strainer provided also helps to protect the pump for any debris. 

In Line Non Return 

The mesh strainer filter is removable so it can be used on the line, allowing liquid to pass through in only 1 direction. prevent any leak back. Each side of the valve is threaded with 1″ BSP ports, which you can fit directly to a 1″ fitting or hose tail. 

Mesh Strainer Filter

It comes as standard with a mesh straining filter, which is removable. It has a 1″ BSP male thread so it can be removed and replaced very easily 

PIUSI has developed this Non Return Valve with a built-in SAFETY mechanism a second mini-safety valve is installed to discharge up to 3.5 bar in the system which eliminates the risk of a pressure increase due to over-heating, commonly known as “water hammer” 

Suitable liquids

These are made from plastic and stainless steel so are compatible with liquids such as AdBlue, Water, Diesel, Oil & HVO.

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