Viscomat Pump Kit

695.00 + Vat

Oil Pump & Meter Kit 


PIUSI Viscomat Oil Pump Kit

This kit includes a viscomat 90 Oil Pump for transferring lube oil, engine oil or transmission oil. It also comes with a k33 oil meter, 4 metre delivery hose, standard nozzle and a suction hose with mesh strainer filter.

Kit includes

  • Viscomat 90 rotary vane pump 
  • 50 L/min flow rate
  • 5 Bar Max pressure
  • 1″ Female BSP inlet / outlet ports
  • IP55 Protection
  • Adjustable bypass 
  • K33 flow meter 
  • 4 Metre delivery hose 
  • Standard nozzle 
  • 2 Metre Suction hose with non return & strainer filter

Suitable Liquids

This electric oil pump kit is suitable for pumping a range of oil types such as engine oil, lube oil and transmission oil. It can be used to dispense large volumes of oil or for use a transfer pump, moving oil from one tank to another quickly and cleanly.

What is in the Kit?

The kit comes with a PIUSI Viscomat 90 electric 230v oil pump which is capable of up to 50 l/min flow rate. There is also a 3 digit analogue flow meter with 1″ ports, a 4 metre delivery hose and a standard 1″ nozzle. The kit is also supplied with a 2 metre 1″ suction hose fitted with a mesh strainer filter to filter any dirt or debris out of the oil before entering the pump. These meters are designed for use with this pump at low pressure.

Optional Kit Add Ons

This pump kit can also be supplied with a carry frame for moving around and can also be combined with a range of other hose options and cam lock fittings to remove and attach different hoses to the pump quickly. 

If you need a flow meter you can use a PIUSI K33 with this pump, see the related products below. View our full range of oil pumps here 

Technical Spec


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