New Delphin Pro X

Diesel cars with SCR systems require regular supplies of AdBlue®. To meet this need, in modern service centers there is a need for a fast, reliable and clean system. Being a pioneer in the AdBlue® sector since 2006, PIUSI has developed a system able to fully meet these needs: the range of AdBlue® refueling distributors, Delphin PRO. A further confirmation of PIUSI’s leadership in the industry.

Delphin PRO is a completely automatic, clean and reliable system.
Designed specifically to meet the needs of the workshops, PIUSI has developed both a fixed version for wall installations or IBC, and a mobile version that is easily transportable thanks to a practical and robust trolley. The system allows you to safely deliver AdBlue® in vehicle tanks. The closed system implemented prevents vapors and odors from escaping and protects AdBlue® from any external pollutants.

A key factor is the total automaticity of the system: once started by the operator, the presence of the latter is no longer necessary as it automatically stops when the refilling is completed. An important advantage in terms of time and costs: the same operator can perform several operations at the same time optimizing activities and efforts.

The continuous R&D to improve its products and anticipate market needs, has led PIUSI to develop the brand new Delphin PRO_X: an innovative mobile system for AdBlue® refilling that presents all the functional and structural features of the Delphin Pro, but it is enriched with two new features: AUTO FLOW-RATE and PRESET.
Thanks to the AUTO FLOW-RATE function, Delphin Pro_X automatically identifies and sets the flow rate required for refilling, keeping it constant for the duration of the operation.
The PRESET allows you to pre-set the required amount of AdBlue® to be dispensed.

Thanks to these important innovations, Delphin PRO_X is compatible with any car on the market according to ISO / FDIS 22241-4: 2009

PIUSI: Innovation and Quality “Made in Italy”.