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3,000 Litre Water Tank

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3,000 litre Water Tank

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3,000 Litre Water Tank

The 3000 Litre Water Tank for non-potable water is a vertical aboveground storage tank. It can be used for various applications in commercial, agricultural, industrial or domestic purposes. The 3000 Litre Water Tank capacity makes it ideal for rain water harvesting, irrigation water storage, livestock use, chemical manufacturing, use with power washers or volumetric washers, milking parlors etc. 

Technical Specifications

  • 2” bottom outlet with 2” BSP female thread
  • Diameter 1,600mm
  • Height 1,930mm
  • Net Weight: 90kg 
  • Brimful Capacity: 3,048 Litres
  • Access manhole lid 
  • Manufactured from UV stabilised polymer 

Highly Resistant

This rain water harvesting tank is moulded in one piece from medium density polyethylene, so it’s impact resistant and corrosion resistant. This means it will withstand the rigours of regular use. It’s also manufactured from UV stabilised polymer, which ensures the tank is protected against the damage sunlight can cause. Without protection against UV light, polyethylene can become brittle as the UV causes a compound breakdown. So it’s important that your tank has this resistance.

Easy Access & Portability

The 3000 Litre Water Tank comes with a 2″ BSP bottom outlet – depending on application this can be linked to another water tank or used as a direct outlet. This water storage tank also has a access opening with manhole lid at the top of the tank for gaining access into the tank. The tank is easily moved when empty using pallet forks with extensions from underneath. 

Suitable For Non-Potable Water

Non-potable water is unfiltered water which hasn’t been manipulated in any way. It is usually classed as rainwater that’s been harvested, water from a well or from a water source and isn’t suitable for direct human consumption. This tank is suitable for the storage of non-potable water only.

Other Water Tank Sizes 

We also have a 9,000 litre water tank is this range, if you require more capacity – To view the specification on the 9,000 litre tank click here 

*This product is only available in Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland | Delivery time TBC upon order *

Additional information

Weight 30 kg

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