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6000 Bunded Tank

5,250.00 + Vat

Bunded Diesel Tank

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This 6000 litre bunded tank is ideal for storing and transferring bulk fuel. Transfer fuel fast with the 72 l/min uprated PIUSI 230V AC fuel pump.

This diesel tank comes with a 5m fuel resistant delivery hose, great if you need to reach far. Transferring fuel is also far easier with the non-return valve. You don’t need to worry about overfilling either with the clever RC overfill prevention probe. 

This fuel tank has a lockable cabinet for added safety. It also comes with a handy overhead light. 

Additional features:

  •       Tank dimensions: 2400mm high x 2300 wide x 2704mm long (including cabinet)
  •       Inlet diameter: 50.8mm
  •       Weight: 412kg
  •       Flow rate: 72 l/min

Each tank also comes fitted with the following:

  •       PIUSI fuel flow meter with resettable batch totaliser
  •       10 micron integrated particulate/water filter
  •       Forecourt standard (24mm) trigger nozzle with automatic shut off
  •       Diesel resistant suction pipe with mesh strainer
  •       2” fuel tank fill point with lever type isolation valve and non-return valve
  •       Apollo Bund Alert fuel tank contents gauge and integrated spill detector
  •       Offset Fill Point

***This tank is only available in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland***

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