3/8″ Air Hose Reel

125.00 + Vat

3/8″ Air & Water Reel



The 3/8″ Retractable Air and water hose reel is made from high quality impact resistant polypropylene. With 15 metres of flexible 3/8″ hose, it is ideal for use in many applications such as commercial, industrial and home use.

The reel comes complete with 15m of hose with a 3/8″ BSP male fitting, a connecting hose and swivel mounting bracket. 

  • Spring driven retractable hose reel
  • Enclosed with high impact polypropylene case
  • Supplied with 15 metre 3/8″ hose
  • Wall mounted swivel bracket
  • 3/8″ inlet swivel & connecting hose 
  • Max pressure 20 bar
  • 3/8″ Male connections


The 3/8″ hose reel is suitable for both air and water use. The 3/8″ male fittings on both the inlet and outlet of the reel make it widely compatible with a range of air or water accessories. With a highly durable design it can be mounted indoors or outdoors, thanks to its high impact polypropylene casing which protects the hose & rewind mechanism. 


A spring retractable air and water hose reel offers a clean and convenient solution for hose storage. With adjustable lengths, they provide flexibility while maintaining organization, keeping loose hose off the work floor area and out of the way when not in use, preventing any protentional trip hazards. The reel has a swivel bracket which can be mounted to a wall or up right allowing the reel to swivel up to 180 degrees in direction. The reel also features integrated guide rollers, which allow the hose to be re-coiled up with ease.

Long Lasting Life

Hose reels also prolong the lifespan of hoses by preventing wear and tear, by keeping them off the ground it ensures that there is no possibility of them being driven over, caught in other tools or punctured. This ensures reliable and hassle-free operation every time 

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Weight 10 kg

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