Air Blow Gun

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6 piece interchangeable kit 


Interchangeable Air Blow Gun Kit

The Groz Air blow gun kit is a 6 piece interchangeable kit which consists of various different blow gun lances & nozzles. Quickly change from one nozzle to the next with a quick coupling design. The perfect solution for those looking to use multiple different types of blow guns without the need for having to purchase more than one

  • Locks & seals attachments by rotation
  • Locking collar 
  • 5 interchangeable attachments
  • Impact resistant nylon gun body 
  • Integrated hook for convenient storage 
  • Max pressure 220 psi / 15 bar
  • Inlet 1/4″ female threaded brass inlet


The air blow gun kit Unique hex head attachments allow them to be connected to the blow gun in 6 different positions, enabling full control over the direction of air flow. This increases the versatility of the kit for use in many different applications such as blowing down work areas, cleaning, blowing out air filters etc.

The turbo wide angle nozzle provides a high volume flow of air and is ideal for jobs where a high flow of air is required. 

With nozzles from 100mm up to 320mm long, this kit is ideal for use in a modern workshop or for private use as it provides a wide and varying degree of options to suit the job in hand.

Each attachment is designed to seal with the quick connecting collar, which ensures no loss of pressure or air. The locking collar also ensures safety and ease of changing to another nozzle.. 


The gun itself comes with a brass 1/4″ female inlet, this is widely compatible with many air fittings, hoses and reels. With a maximum working pressure of 15 bar (220 psi) the kit is suitable for use with many high end air systems. 

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