Groz Tyre Inflating Gauge

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Tyre Inflating Gauge


Introducing the Groz Tyre Inflator Gauge

Efficiently measure, inflate, and deflate your tires with the Groz Tyre Inflator Gauge. Its robust die-cast design, featuring a flexible hose, rigid extension, and dual connector, ensures accuracy and reliability. Consequently, this makes it an ideal choice for both home use and professional workshops.

Key Features:

  • Durable die-cast body with a rubber protector 
  • Analog pressure gauge facilitates easy monitoring of tyre pressure
  • The flexible hose, reinforced by a coiled spring, adds to its durability
  • Rigid extension with a dual connector ensures a secure attachment to valves
  • Convenient trigger activation allows for quick and ergonomic control
  • The BSP inlet thread ensures it is compatible with most air reels & hoses
  • Maximum pressure of 230 psi (16 bar) for diverse applications

How to Use

The Groz Tyre Inflator is the go-to air tool for workshops, offering a seamless experience in inflating, deflating, and checking tire pressure. Specifically designed to fit standard-sized valves found on all cars, trucks, and vans, its maximum working pressure of 230 psi ensures suitability for all vehicles. Furthermore, the 63mm diameter analog gauge offers a clear and accurate indication of current tire pressure.

Technical Information

Equipped with a dual pressure scale, this Groz tyre inflator provides readings in both psi and bar. The trigger, conveniently located on the die-cast body, ensures swift and ergonomic control over the air supply. Additionally, the rigid spout connector establishes a robust connection to the valves, guaranteeing accurate readings every time.


Utilizing the Groz Tyre Inflator guarantees that your tires are inflated to the correct psi rating. This is crucial for optimal tire performance, contributing to increased fuel economy and reduced tire wear. Furthermore, the large analog gauge simplifies the process, facilitating easy reading and ensuring precise tire inflation on every occasion.

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Enhance your tire maintenance routine with the Groz Tyre Inflator Gauge – your reliable companion for accurate and efficient tire care.


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