This PCL Airforce MK4 tyre inflator is great for pumping car tyres. It comes with a pressure gauge and an easy-to-read screen. It’s also cordless, making it easy-to-use and it’s portable so you can take it wherever you need to.

Robust & No Internal Corrosion

This PCL MK4 tyre inflator is also ergonomic and has less chance of being damaged when dropped. Thanks to the excellent piston and seal design, there’s no internal corrosion, skewing of accuracy, or sticking.

Guaranteed Longer Life

Its two-stage valve design guarantees longer life and better accuracy than other inflators that have filters. This design also means you don’t have to push against full line pressure when deflating, saving you energy.

Excellent Shock Resistance

This tyre pump has excellent shock resistance with a robust construction. It also has a cast aluminium body, making it durable and built to last. 

Technical Information

  • Display type: Linear
  • Tyre valve connection: Twin hold-on
  • Weight: 1.03kg
  • Hose length: 0.53m / 21″
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 13.8 bar. 
  • Calibration: 0-138 psi / 0-9.6 bar
  • Flow rate: 500l/min @ 13 bar supply
  • Reading accuracy: 2 psi / 0.1 bar
  • Temperature range: -10°C to 60°C

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