Air Blow Gun Kit

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Air Blow Gun Kit

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Air Blow Gun Kit

The kit comes with a Groz trigger air blow gun, 7.5M coiled spiral hose & PCL quick release coupling to attach to any existing air supply. It is ideal for use as a quick way to blow down the interior of tractors, combines , trucks etc.  

  • Groz Air blow gun
  • Spiral Hose 7.5 Metre maximum length
  • Quick release PCL air fitting 

The kit is widely universal and can be used with any air operated system and can be easily connected using the PCL quick release fitting. It can be used within the cabs of trucks, tractors and other machines as a fast and effective method of keeping the cab clean

Air Blow Gun

The Air Blow gun included in the kit is designed by Groz. Trigger activated it provides a high volume of air through the gun for unriviled performance. The gun has an integrated loop which allows it hang or be stored out of the way when not in use.

Spiral Hose 

The hose supplied with this kit is a coiled 7.5 metre length of flexible hose. The design on the hose ensures it re-coils into a small, compact and easy to transport size. Making it ideal for use within machinery as it can be stored away without taking up too much space

The Kit also comes with a Quick Release PCL air fitting, suitable for use with all standardised air systems. This quick coupling makes it extremely easy to connect & disconnect to an air supply. the 1/4″ female BSP end screws directly onto the 1/4″ BSP male fitting on the hose. Similarly, the Air blow gun fits directly onto the other end of the hose 

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