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High Speed Rotary Pump

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High Speed Rotary Pump

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Rotary high speed 3:1 Ratio Pump 

This rotary pump is designed for high output, with a geared ratio of 3 to 1, it is capable of pumping up to 70 l/min. It’s designed for use with 50-205 litre barrels and is manufactured from aluminium, zinc, steel, NBR, PVC & nitrile, which makes this pump suitable for use with petrol, diesel, HVO & oils up to SAE 30.


  • Geared rotary pump, 3 times discharge per rotation
  • Wetted components: Aluminium, zinc, steel, NBR, PVC & nitrile
  • Suits 50 ‑ 205L drums
  • 2″ locking bung collar
  • Delivery hose with outlet spout
  • Integrated spout hanger
  • Non wearing sintered gears
  • Die Cast Aluminum handle with security locking latch
  • Dispenses 10 litres per 20 turns


Suitable Liquids

The geared rotary pump is suitable for use with a wide variety of liquids. These include petrol, diesel, HVO & oils up to SAE 30. The wetted component are designed to ensure that the pump preforms to the highest level and also provides a high level of corrosion resistance. The non wearing sintered gears are engineered for high performance and provide the 3:1 ratio.

Empties a 205 drum in 3 minutes

The Rotary high speed 3:1 ratio geared pump provides a high pumping output, with every rotation equalling 3 turns of the pump rotor. This allows the pump to pump petrol, diesel or oil very quickly and at greater ease compared to conventional rotary barrel pumps.

What comes with it?

This rotary pump comes with a 2″ bung adaptor which screws onto most standard drums and barrels with a BSP thread. It has a heavy duty die cast aluminum handle and is also supplied with a delivery hose and nozzle. Click on the technical information tab for the full pump specification

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Technical Information

Rotary High Speed Pump

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