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Rotary Chemical Pump

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Chemical Rotary Pump

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The Groz Rotary Chemical Barrel Pump GZ44191 is a hand pump designed specifically for use with chemical liquids. So when a steel barrel pump or cast iron pump can’t be used, you can use this pump instead.

This Groz hand pump is compatible with barrels of 50 litres (15 gallons) – 205 litres (55 gallons) and it pumps 250ml per stroke.

Made From Robust Materials

The pump body is manufactured from glass-filled polypropylene with Ryton veins, all internal seals are made from Viton, and the pump hardware is stainless steel. This makes the pump highly durable so it can withstand many uses.

What comes with it?

You can choose between 2″ bung adaptors for use on plastic and metal drums. The strainer on the end of the suction tube which prevents contaminants entering the pump. This rotary pump also has a threaded polypropylene suction tube.

Use It For

AdBlue, antifreeze, benzene, glycerine, urea, DEF, detergents, acids, dispensing water based media, and in addition with all petroleum based products.

Do Not Use It With

Lacquer, mineral oils, acetone, solvents, turpentine etc. Using any pump with the wrong liquids can cause corrosion or degradation of pump materials, leading to leaks or failures. 

Chemicals like acetone and solvents are also often volatile and can easily evaporate or escape through pump seals that are not designed to handle them. 

Different fluids may also have varying viscosities, so it’s crucial to select a pump that can handle the specific fluids you’ll be working with. Then you can achieve the desired flow rate and pressure needed for the job.

Wetted Components

The wetted components are the materials that come into contact with a gas or liquid when the pump is used. The wetted components of this pump are polypropylene, Viton, stainless steel, and Ryton.

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  • Bung adaptor type: 2″
  • Flow rate: 250ml per stroke
  • Wetted components: polypropylene, Viton, stainless steel, and Ryton
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Suitable with drums of 50 litres (15 gallons) – 205 litres (55 gallons)

Additional information

Weight 30 kg

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