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Diesel Gravity Hose Pack

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3M, 4M or 6M Hose Kit

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Gravity Hose Kit

These hose kits are the perfect solution for dispensing Diesel from tanks using gravity. Easily connected to the standard 1″ female tank outlet, the kits comes with a 1″ lever valve, 1″ delivery hose and standard trigger nozzle. These kits are available in 3, 4 and 6 Metre options 

  • Heavy duty 1″ Hose 
  • Swaged ends with sealing O Rings
  • 1″ Lever shut off valve
  • Standard refueling nozzle 
  • Max pressure 10 bar

Gravity Flow 

These hose kits come pre-assembled with a 1″ lever valve and has a 1″ male thread which is designed to suit the standard outlet on most diesel tanks. Once this is screwed into the outlet, you can begin dispensing diesel by simply pulling the trigger nozzle. Once the nozzle is released, diesel will stop filling. The lever valve at the tank can also be used as a safety feature to turn off the flow of diesel when not in use. 

For use with diesel or HVO

These hose kits are designed for use with diesel and HVO only and are supplied in a 3, 4 or 6 metre kit.  We also provide a range of other hose kits suitable for AdBlue, Oil & Water. Some of which can be found in the related products below. 

What Tanks Do these Kits Suit?

These hose kits suit a wide range of diesel tanks both plastic and steel. The 1″ Lever valve has a a BSP thread which is compatible with the standard fitting found on most tanks. The standard nozzle supplied on these kits is 25mm, making it suitable for use with cars, vans, jeeps, trucks and all other machinery with a fill point larger than 25mm. 

These Hose kits can also be used with our gravity flow filters.

We also stock a wide range of diesel pumps, so if you are looking to refill diesel faster you can click here to view our range 

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

3M Hose Kit, 4M Hose Kit, 6M Hose Kit

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