IBC Part A Cam 1″

19.90 + Vat

IBC Cam Lock 1″


Male 1″ Cam Lock to IBC Fitting

The 1″ Part A Male Cam Lock adapter is perfect for use with IBC tanks with the standard DIN 61 coarse thread. It’s manufactured from polypropylene ensuring a high chemical resistance for use with diesel, water, AdBlue, chemicals and more.

  • 1″ Part A Male Cam Lock
  • DIN61 IBC Thread 
  • IBC sealing ring
  • Easy grip to tighten & loosen onto IBC 
  • Polypropylene 

Benefits of Using IBC Cam Locks

Cam lock fittings for IBC tanks allow for rapid hose connections and disconnections. These fittings consist of male and female cam locks that create a secure seal, making them ideal for situations where hoses need frequent changes. Key benefits include:

  • Quick Connect & Release: Simplifies hose attachment and detachment.
  • Secure Connection: Ensures no leaks or drips, maintaining fluid integrity.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for various fluid types and industrial uses.

Why Choose Polypropylene Cam Locks?

Polypropylene cam lock fittings are known for their high resistance to chemicals, making them compatible with a range of fluids. They are an excellent choice for: Water & Water-Based Liquids, Diesel & HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil): Suitable for handling fuels, Home Heating Oil & Kerosene, Lube Oil & Waste Oil, AdBlue & Antifreeze. Using polypropylene ensures durability and longevity in various applications, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Perfect Fit for IBC Tank Taps & Outlets

The standard thread on IBC tanks is DIN61, a coarse thread that often poses compatibility challenges. This 1″ male cam lock is engineered specifically for this thread type, providing a perfect fit. This Adapter comes with a 1″ Maler Cam lock suitable to connect to any 1″ female cam lock.

Applications of IBC Cam Locks

When selecting cam lock fittings for IBC tanks, consider the following:

  • Fluid Compatibility: Ensure the material (polypropylene) is resistant to the fluids you are handling.
  • Thread Compatibility: Verify that the cam lock fits DIN61 threads on your IBC tanks.
  • Usage Requirements: Choose fittings that match the frequency and type of hose connections you need.

Where to Buy High-Quality Cam Locks

Our products guarantee compatibility and performance, making fluid handling more efficient and hassle-free. Nationwide delivery | View our full range of cam lock fittings here

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Kit Type - Hose Size

IBC/CAM – 2" Male Cam Lock, IBC/PC200 – 2" Hose, IBC/PC150 – 1.5" Hose, IBC/PC125 – 1.25" Hose, IBC/PC100 – 1" Hose, IBC/PC75 – 3/4" Hose

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